Fosdick-Nelson Art Gallery Opening

Foot, Foot Foot, Foot Foot Foot, by Ron Lambert


This piece was very interesting. It seems to be made out of an old door and some metal pipes. The one side is painted with red and blue stripes wherever the metal pipes touched the wood. This affect looks very neat the way it was portrayed. One odd thing is in place of a doorknob on the door, there is some strands of hair through the hole, raising a few questions of why and what it is there for. Very interesting over all.


Spread, by Nikki Painter


This piece is also very interesting in that it has so many different objects that make it up, it almost impossible not to stare at it for an hour. The use of color was isolated too one area in that it is only used in one section of the whole thing. The whole thing reminds me of a small house and the tiled floor seems to be kind of like a kitchen floor with black and white tiles.

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