Influential Artist

One artist that has influenced me is Pablo Picasso.

One way he has influenced me is through the fact that some of his works were realistic in a way, and other were completely the opposite and abstract. This has made me realize, and follow through with the ideas, that I can make very effective and meaningful artwork that isn’t picture perfect or realistic. So sometimes through various ways I can communicate an idea that isn’t using photo-realistic ideas.

Pablo, very well, uses the elements and principles of design to create his art. He uses lines, especial in his later work, to show things like textures outlines of objects, or even whole shapes. Overall, his use of lines is very well. He uses color, so much, in his work to show the emotion, like blues for sadness, or bright colors for happier pieces. He would use textures more often in his earlier works to show the difference in things like skin and clothes. He heavily used shape in his work, especially his abstract work, an example  “Three Musicians”. He used form in his more realistic works to show that the objects or people were 3-dimensional. He used value a lot too in his works showing a very good contrast of darks and lights. And lastly he uses space in his works a lot too. Both positive and negative space to create some interesting works.

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