Flipbook Project


Tex Avery Research Paper:

For my project, I decided to use the style of Tex Avery’s animations. His full name was Frederick Bean Avery, but known as Tex, he started his career in high school where he made a few cartoons for his school yearbook and newspaper. He also attended the Art Institute of Chicago but now for very long. In 1928, he and some friends moved to Southern California but he alone stayed there. He started by making cartoon strips but didn’t do very well. Soon he got a job as an assistant in the Walter Lantz Studio, which made the “Oswald the Lucky Rabbit” cartoons. After five years he managed to acquire many skills in cartoon production. In 1935, he made a move to the Warner Brothers studio. Here he created some very iconic and famous characters, like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, among others. These cartoons were different from what Disney was making, because it appealed to adults too. After some successful times, in 1941, Tex left the Warner Brothers studio and went for MGM, Metro-Goldwyn-Maker. Here he created a character known as Droopy Dog. In 1954, his creativity worn out, he left MGM and returned to the Walter Lantz studio. In this time frame he created a character known as Chilly Willy the penguin. This didn’t last long and later went on to making animated commercials and created things like the Frito Bandito. In 1980, Tex Avery died of lung cancer at the age of 72, ending his career.

Tex Avery’s style of animating was very different to a lot of others that were around at the time. His style of animating was a lot less realistic, but the characters still seemed life-like because of how consistent his style was. He didn’t use things like rotoscoping, he went for sometimes the use of rubber hose for limbs, and also cel-animation for the background of the shots. A lot of his works were very random skits, which, many times, involved characters being hit and batted around, but not really being injured very much. In his work, “A Wild Hare”, Bugs Bunny kicks Elmer Fudd up into a tree branch and he falls back down quite forcefully but isn’t injured at all.

In my animation, I tried adapting how his cartoons were kind of silly and random, and how things go unexpectedly. For this I made a normal happening, but then on the right, made the guy come out of nowhere then unexpectedly get crushed by an anvil, which is completely ridiculous. In my mind, I was mostly successful in accomplishing my goal of adapting Tex’s style. Like in frame 32 I decided to have the hat character pull a weapon out of seemingly nowhere. Like how Bugs would somehow have a carrot from somewhere. Though, one way I could improve to use his style more would be to use more of a range of motion like his characters had and not be very still or stiff.



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