Poster Project

Poster Projectghubbard

For this poster, I took a photo of myself and changed the contrast to only show the most basic black and white. I then used the positive and negative shapes of my face to produce two new faces. Using two different sides to myself I created a metaphor, one being the lighter “good” side of me, and the other being the shadowy, darker “evil” side of me. I added the computer of a background because that is how I relate to myself.

My title for this piece, Yo-Yo, came when I looked through a thesaurus for two-sided, relating to my face design. I then created a border with the yo-yo concept. This was influenced by David Lance Goines’ poster. I used organic shapes to illustrate the faces and the “tongue” that leads to the word yo-yo. Then using geometric shapes, created the computer in the background and the keyboard.

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