Face Mask and Drawing

IMG_3367  Mask Drawing

In this work, I created a mask that fit on my face well and then drew said mask with charcoal with a light shining on it.

For the mask, I used certain shapes to create certain parts of m face. For instance, I used flat rectangular shapes to create the forehead and longer rectangles to create the farthest sides of my face. Also my nose, I formed out of various rectangles in a prism form. Then for my eyes and mouth I cut holes in their areas. I used a certain amount of volume to create the mask. For one, it had to be able to comfortably fit on my face and, somewhat, stay on it. In the end, it scaled to the size of my face but didn’t fit proportionally on it. Finally I used variety in this piece as to not have every single part of the piece the same shape or design. I used a variety of different shapes to represent different parts of my face because in reality, my face isn’t all identical in any place.

For the drawing, I used some line work to create the drawing. I included actual lines with soft edges in it to show the creases in the mask that I made. This gives it a feel of each shape has its own value to it. This is another part that makes up the drawing. I used a large range of value in it. I used many shades of black white and grey to show a large range of value the mask was showing. From the darkest darks to the lightest lights. Lastly, I made the use of color by making this piece monochromatic in only black and white to show the basic values of the mask and shading on it

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