Helvetica Response

An interesting documentary about a very basic font. The typeface, Helvetica, was made to be the most basic and boring universal font ever, and it truly is. A very boring, simple and easy to read language thats used everywhere. This documentary showed many, many examples of this font used in the world today through its many, many transitions throughout the film. Also, being invented by a Swedish man, the word Helvetia, means Switzerland in Latin.

One of the main other aspects of the film was the many interviews of people talking about Helvetica. One one side, many of those people felt as though this font is still very useful today, but others disagree and don’t like the font or feel that its relative today anymore. One of the people interviewed said that Helvetica is like McDonalds, in that people just go there because they can even though its crap, so in turn people use Helvetica just because they can even though its crap. Which I think it might be and I might not ever use it unless forced to.

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