In my mandala, I used many color from the color wheel to illustrate it. Colors like yellow, white, and light blue represent the mind and our mental thoughts. The notion of intelligence and how we think is also present with these colors. These colors also are accompanied by their earthy-looking tones, by adding their compliments, or intensity change. These earthy tones consist of green, brown, black, and other rustic colors. These represent the physical body, and the strength within. Colors like blue, green, and blueish-green colors all represent the emotions of a person and the inner depths of their soul.

Another element of my mandala is how I used symmetry in the shapes to create it. Specifically I used reflection symmetry in my mandala. This kind of symmetry is also a fundamental trait of all moving and living creatures. This gives my work a living feeling to it. It makes it a living, breathing work of art. Just like how other living creatures are alive with this kind of symmetry.

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