Glitch Artist Report

Glitch Artist Report (download)

Rosa Menkman is a visual artist who uses mostly glitches and errors in both analog and digital media to create works of art. Her process for creating this kind of art is that she wants to create these works that most people see as negative things, like by distorting any media in a way that people would want to reject it. That, to her, is a successful work of art. This could be accomplished by using any form of media, like photos, videos, animations, and adding noise to them, to compress them, get feedback, or just glitch them.

Her work includes various forms of media that is glitched. One work, called “A Glitch Timond” is a bunch of Mac windows open, shaped oddly, with glitched pictures of her face on each one. All the windows also form a sort of diamond shape. Another work called “Xilitla”, is a video that starts off as a 3d head model with a glitched body moving around and a glitched background too. It then shifts to showing a few moving glitch patterns, then a glitched video of someone’s face. Then a strange colorful video shift leads to a normal computer screen showing various videos of her works. After going live-action and various normal pictures, it ends with that 3d head and glitched body videos again.

Her reasoning behind all of this work with glitch as an art form is because she feels that these visual artifacts, as she calls them, are a way to show an insight to a strange world of strange media resolutions. She also wants to study this use of glitch and with her practices create theories about this form of art.

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