Bio-morphic Drawing


For my bio-morhpic drawing, I morphed, 3 things together; an animal, a mechanical part, and myself in some way. It possesses the body and head of a giraffe for the animal, the neck of a crawler crane as the mechanical portion, and human legs which represent myself in the drawing. For the giraffe and the legs, I chose those because the giraffe is tall, and in my family I am one of the tallest out of everyone, so a giraffe fits this well. The same is for the legs, being very tall also. The crane neck gives the giraffe the notion of being made to be able to reach up high where no one else can.

In the design of the giraffe, I used a light source to give the giraffe depth. The light comes from the front of the giraffe, and by using a 3/4 view it gives the giraffe more of a presence.             The value shifts give the giraffe volume too. showing where the shadows on the giraffe make it have a 3d feel to it. Also I used a little bit of atmospheric perspective the spots so that the ones closer to the viewer are darker, only slightly, than the ones further away from the viewer.

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