Primer Montage Paper

The 2004 film Primer, is a film about the discovery and uses of time travel. The film uses quite a variety of cinematic montages throughout. The first main type of montage used in the film is metric montage. There are a few uses of this montage throughout the film and one of the most notable scenes that used it is when both Abe and Aaron use the box, which is their “time machine”, for the very first time. The scene shows a condensed version of them going through the same day twice. The shots in the scene show very small selections of the narration of what’s happening so you still get the idea of what’s going on without seeing everything that happened. It also helps show time as a sphere more so than a timeline.

Another example of montage in the film is a bit later when the two are driving and they realize they’re being followed. While this is happening, some random shots of Abe running is shown and that is what is going to be happening later in time. This shows time more as a sphere also, that time just isn’t one small timeline, but various points can be shown and still be understood when not watched in one order.

The cinematography in the movie is quite interesting. Most of the movie’s color seems to be very grey and dull with other colors mixed in too. This gives the film a very calm tone to it. It also gives it a more realistic feeling to it. The camera movements in the film are mostly stationary. But many shots also have the feeling of someone else being there holding he camera as if it were a homemade film and recording things. This also contributes to the realistic feeling the film gives.

This film I think was quite successful on its exploration of the concepts of time travel. This is because it gives a unique look at how it was first discovered instead of all or most of the characters knowing how time travel would all work.

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