In my phenakistoscope I made 3 separate animations on this wheel, one on the end, one in the middle, and one near the center of the wheel. For the one on the end of the wheel, the airplane doing a barrel roll, I used emphasis on certain parts of the plane to the eyes of viewer. I used it on the front and back wings, the tail and the cockpit window. I did this by making the lines that make up each section thicker and darker than the rest of the plane. The only thing I could have done better was keeping the of certain parts the same scale, specifically the tail of the plane. For the one in the middle I simply just drew a square rotating and moving upward. For the one near the center of the wheel, I made sure the head was the same size by using a reference to keep it that way. Also for each animation I made sure that each was a continuous loop in order for it to flow smoothly and not have a distinct beginning and end.

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