Pattern Painting


In this painting I created a background with patterns on top and animal tessellations with patterns on top of that. I layered the background, middle ground, and foreground on top of each other to give the painting depth. The background was made with blue and black watercolor on watercolor paper. After that dried, I started with the patterning I put on the background. This consisted of the red stripes, green bricks, orange triangles, purple splatting, blue water patten, yellow shapes, and pink shapes. These patterns were to resemble different parts of a room. The red and pink were two separate wall and the green, orange, and purple were the back wall. Then the yellow and blue were the ceiling and the floor. Then when I finished those I proceeded to paint in my animals into the painting. First I put in the duck, which was the beak and the white body. Then I added tessellations on top and outlined it. Then I added in the octopus. I only added some subtle tessellations on the tentacles and its head.

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