Visual Vocabulary Artbook


For my visual vocabulary artbook, I took 14 principles and elements of design and illustrated them in a book. The covers are made of cut up jeans over cardboard. Then bound them to the pages of the book. The images themselves each represent one of many elements and principles of design. The first is a mandala that illustrates color, using many types of color like primary, complementary, and tertiary. The next is Rhythm, which shows the similar movement of objects through the image. Next is Emphasis. This shows one part of an image that is the major focal point and the eye is drawn to it. The next is unity, which illustrates objects in a unified continuity. After that is space, which illustrates how different objects are related in their relative space. The next is gestalt continuation, which leads the eye throughout one part of the image to another. After is closure, which uses different shapes to create another shape that isn’t there. After is pattern which illustrates many different kinds and variations of patterns. The next value, and that shows the change in saturation of various colors from black to white. The next is shape, showing various types of polygons. After that is balance, which illustrates similarity on both sides the image. After that is volume, which illustrates 3d objects on a 2d surface. The next is contrast, which shows two opposite colors right near each other. Lastly is line, and that shows the many lines that creates the image. After I made all these images, I created an index in the back of the book showing them in the order I wanted them all to be in the book. All 14 of these come together to help illustrate some of the many elements and principles of design that go into creating works of art through a very simple and easy way.

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