Alive; Final Animation Project

Adam Beckett

For my final animation, I decided to create it in the style of Adam Beckett’s work. Adam Beckett doesn’t have many works that he produced, mostly because he died quite young, but almost all the works he did had a very similar style to it. All his works, besides things like the rotoscoping he did for Star Wars, were full hand-drawn animation. Most had some color to them, but not all did. In these full animations, there would always be a lot of movement going on, and not just small few movements, but lots of objects moving around the whole screen. This is part of what set his style. For example, in Sausage City, he used a ton of small little objects but they all moved in a very smooth and free way, which is very impressive. They also morph into other objects as well. Lastly, in Sausage City, he uses a loop over and over again but adds to it every loop.

In my animation, I tried to use his style to create a work about a city. I tried to use his style of smooth movement for certain things, like the clouds and the people’s heads at the end. A second thing I did was to incorporate the loop like he did, only I didn’t add to it after every loop. After finishing my animation, I have to say that I think I did a fairly good job at using the kinds of techniques that Adam Beckett did. I managed to create objects that had continuous motion, morphed shapes into other objects, and even incorporated a loop cycle in it. The only real problems I had was keeping the shapes I made as consistent as he did and keeping the same pace as his did. My objects would not always have consistent lines and their animation was overall faster that his was. Other than those two, I feel as if I achieved the goal of the project fairly well.

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