In my final project, I used still digital images that I took to create a video, called “Pain”, and tell a narrative in a conceptual way. In my video, I tried to illustrate the effects of bullying, and what it does to people if taken too far. In this case it ends up being suicide. I also tried to show what it would feel like to be bullied by using intellectual montage to show their brain under the stress of being bullied. I also used it at the end of the video when the person hung themself. I used a knot to represent what hanging would be like by having the knot fairly loose, then tightening it to show the feeling the person was having. In the video, I also used rhythmic montage for when the camera would be the person’s eyes, showing the visual continuity for those parts. I also tried to use a certain tone in the video. I made it fairly dark with soft light instead of bright white lights because that wouldn’t match the narrative of the film.

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