Project Canon; Story and Sketches

Backstory of Character:

–  Raised by parents in 2103 and finds out he has a hovering ability and is able to slightly heal people with help of his larger head.

– Witnesses a tragic death of friend, when he’s in his late 27, by them being severely harmed by people and cannot hear heal him.

– Decides to travel/roam the world looking to help and heal people in need of it, also discovers using a little medicine with his powers helps heal anyone of anything.

– After 5 years of this he becomes fairly well known, in most parts of the world.

– This leads to him becoming an idol to many people, some want to somehow take his powers.

– His healing powers become his own demise when some of his “friends” end up killing him in his sleep by cutting off his head hoping to gain those powers, to no avail.

Basic Description of Character:

– 6 foot tall man

– 32 years old in drawings

– White, slightly tan complexion

– Elongated back of head

– Covers this up with cloths wrapped around head

– Can hover over ground slightly instead of walking

– Doesn’t wear shoes, and has rough soles on feet from all walking he has done

Early Sketch of Character (Likely to change):


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