Project Canon; Finished Character, Story, and Description

Backstory of Character:

He was raised by his parents in the 2090s. He grew up a somewhat normal life, the only thing odd was that the back of his head seemed to extend farther than normal for the average person. It was almost alien like. When he was about 12, he and his friend Caleb where riding bikes around their hometown. At one point Caleb fell off his and scrapped his knee a little bit. He went over to help and held his hand on Caleb’s knee from instinct, which led to his head feeling a bit of soreness, then as he lifted his hand saw that injury had been completely healed. This led to him finding out that his larger head allows him to heal more smaller wounds and not terrible wounds. He also could not heal himself in any way, and he also discovered that he can slightly over above the ground when he concentrates en0ugh, which became another form of travel for him. Later in his life, about when he was 27, him and Caleb were out walking near their city’s historical monument. As they passed by, a huge explosion went off which destroyed the statue. As he came to he found his face burnt badly and noticed Caleb on the ground as still as could be, crushed and dead. Since he couldn’t heal something that severe, he was helpless for him.

After a few weeks, he found himself in a hospital with bandages all on his face attempting to heal the wounds he gained. From this trauma he experienced, he decided that he earned to help as many people as possible since he couldn’t save his own friend from dying. This sets him out to go traveling for a long time to go helping and healing people.


Description of Character:

– 6 foot tall man

– 30 years old in drawings

– White complexion

– Elongated back of his head

– Covered face in bandages from burns

– Can hover over ground slightly instead of walking

– Doesn’t wear shoes

– Carries a backpack with a mat on it

– Wears a shirt with a short-sleeved jacket and semi tight pants

Finished Character Drawing:


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