Puppet Project; Scree


The bright colors on Scree’s body make him appear toxic to predators, so in order to lure them in he buries his claws in the dirt and lures minor predators to himself on the forest floor. He keeps his arms well hidden until one steps too close. Using his built in jaws on his hands to grab hold on his prey, his central body starts to wail to confuse his attacker. Being a diverse omnivore, Scree’s prey ranges from larger predators to smaller nuts or berries he comes across.

Two major principles utilized in this puppet are pattern and symmetry. With pattern, we tried to capture the language we wanted to show through the meandering, but complex, patterns on the head, giving it a natural and mysterious look to his head. These patterns also help entrance the eye to keep it fixed on it. With symmetry, it is more in respects to shape and form rather than color. The colors are mostly similar but not identical. The shape and form of the puppet have reflective symmetry, like most animals do, although this isn’t a conventional animal.

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