Bone Study

HPSC3331 copy

For my bone study I decided to recreate a famous painting and use a skeleton in place of the body. Though, instead of making a painting again, I decided to draw it out and use value in black and white through the use of graphite. This is mostly due to the fact I am not so great with paint and colors. After choosing the famous painting I wanted to use, which was the Mona Lisa, I found a good image of it then changed it to black and white to see the value changes easier. I then sketched it out and replaced her body and any exposed flesh with a skeleton. Using a variety of line quality for different parts I was able to make her clothes and mainly focused on the skeleton aspect of the piece. I lastly used photoshop to clean the image up.

For time management, I had the most issue with this project mostly because it took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do for it. At first I thought about just drawing a random assortment of bones but then ultimately decided this was more interesting and I’d have more fun with it, which I did. So when I had this decision made, I had wasted a few weeks. But I did pick up working on it faster after I chose it. Finally, I’d say I’m pretty happy with it, even if there were a tiny few things that I’d go bak and change if I had more time.

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