Finished self portrait  Pic5


Here I have my self portrait and the picture I based it off of. When I was deciding what kind of expression to use as my reference picture, I wanted something that would be powerful and almost intimidating to look at. So thats when I decided on this picture. I knew when I started I wanted the eye to be one of the main focal points of the whole piece. I made sure the eye was very prominent and would stand out more. This would have viewers eye’s move around the piece but always end up looking at the eye. Another prominent feature of the drawing is the use of value change in a grey scale. For instance one side of my face is brighter and another is darker. On the forehead and in the background the value shift is slower and softer, while the value shift on the chin and near the mouth is more harsh and faster. This value shift,in turn, creates a large amount of contrast in the piece. With lots of dark values for the shadows, contrasted by the light values in the other side. And lastly, the placement of the face gives the right side of the piece more weight to it but the eye still stays near the eye, which is in the middle, giving it a small amount of balance.

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