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Interactive Authoring Gallery Write-Up

This semester I went to the Pizzazz: Freshman in the Llewellyn Gallery on Thursday December 3rd. This gallery was full of charcoal chair and mask drawings that the freshman DMA class made in their Foundations class earlier in the semester. … Continue reading

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Animation Demo Reel

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Processing Platformer

Video:   Code: Main Code: import java.awt.Rectangle; platforms platforms; player player; void setup(){ size(800,800); smooth(); frameRate(60); noStroke(); player = new player(); platforms = new platforms(); } boolean[] keys = new boolean[256]; void keyPressed() { keys[keyCode]=true; }; void keyReleased() { keys[keyCode]=false; … Continue reading

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Heavy Lift Animation

For this animation one of the main things I think I did improve on was getting the key poses of the animation faster. I was able to pose and, mostly, smoothly go through the main poses throughout the animation. I … Continue reading

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