Interactive Authoring Gallery Write-Up

This semester I went to the Pizzazz: Freshman in the Llewellyn Gallery on Thursday December 3rd. This gallery was full of charcoal chair and mask drawings that the freshman DMA class made in their Foundations class earlier in the semester. This gallery has definitely left an impression on me and made me even compare it to my own work.

One mask drawing that I saw which intrigued me the most was one made by a student named Haley Martin. Hers was very interesting in that I very much came to life. The smooth black background very much contrasting the shaded white of the mask gives it an eerie feeling that I works very well together. Also the eye drawn in the eye socket really helps bring this piece together, staring right at you I really gives the mask a strange but interesting dynamic.

A chair drawing that caught my attention the most in the gallery was one that I felt really captured the chair. The drawing was fairly light throughout, which captured the feeling of a bright light shining on it very well. Also the dark legs underneath so it still has a range of values. The thing that got me interested most was the small subtleties that were captured in the drawing. That was something that I always tried to do while drawing so seeing it there made the piece that much more interesting.

This gallery reminded me of when I was in my first semester and had to do these same projects. While the chair projects remain mostly the same, the mask drawing project was slightly different. Instead of the students making masks just of their face, they all created unique features on them inspired from different cultures and such. This, I feel, helped the students to get more creative with their work and I think theirs ended up better than our class’s did. Overall this gallery has shown me that the upcoming students definitely have good talent and I look forward to seeing what else they make

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