Waiting Animation


Self Critique:

For this animation, something I think I did better from last semester was getting the whole body to flow nicer and smoother without really no popping or stuttering. One thing I think I can improve on is getting better with animating the face. Specifically the mouth since that incorporates a lot of emotion in the characters.

Other Critiques:

  • Conveys emotion well
  • Excellent phone tracking with hand, good expressions
  • Brings hand to head slowly
  • Near the end, the right leg shakes
  • Fingers need more bend overall

Character Sheet:

Name – Vince

Birthday – February 3rd

Age at time of story – 23

Appearance – short hair, male, facial hair,

Relationship with others – Annoyed with friends at the moment.

When does story take place? – Before friends show up to go to out

Where does story take place? – outside his apartment, while he is waiting for them to arrive

What is the tone (atmosphere) ? – Irritation, annoyance, frustration

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