Emotion Change Animation


Character Sheet

Name – George

Birthday – March 9th

Age at time of story – 27

Appearance – short, “fancy” hair, goatee
Personality – Excited and proud, a bit nervous. Thinks he has done an amazing work of art.
Emotions – Proud then stunned
When does story take place? – In the spring after finishing a work of his art, now he is showing it off.
Where does story take place? – In a small art gallery, in front of a small audience
What is the tone (atmosphere) ? – At first he his proud and audience is calm and dull except then he is shocked and audience still is silent.
With this animation, the main thing I think I did better was using facial animations to portray my character’s emotions, which was the main point of the assignment. Something I think I could do better would be the character’s body movement, especially the back and hips, which is also something I didn’t do as well in the last assignment. So that is something I will work on for the next animation.
Others Critique:
  • bounce is a bit too fast
  • stunned emotion a bit longer
  • hop is a bit odd looking
  • reveal a bit longer
  • eyes should dart a bit
  • nice that body mostly never stays still, body stops moving at the end
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