Interactive Design Gallery Write-Up

On Thursday, February 25th at 6pm, the Llewellyn Gallery at Alfred State held the opening of the One 2 One Gallery. This gallery was an exhibition of some varied interactive digital media installations created and presented by Joe McKay. The installations that were displayed in the gallery include Four Mice, Plus Plus, Falling from Segways, Cellphone Telegraph and Streetview London, San Francisco.

Some of the points of the presentation that grabbed me were the artist’s focus on humor in his work, and the way he wanted to mess with the way we use certain interfaces. These points can be seen throughout the works he presented and also while he was presenting them. The main installation there was the game that he called Four Mice. This was a game that he programmed in Processing. It’s a simple game but the main idea was to mess with how people interacted with it. Instead of using a mouse and keyboard or just a mouse, he used four mice for controls, two per person. This is a very interesting way to go about making a game, as it can be both challenging and addictive as it completely throws the player for a loop and changes the way they think about that user interface.

Another work in this gallery that shows these main points is the one that he called Cellphone Telegraph. This is a set of old flip cellphones that are programmed to flip open when using two different Morse code telegraphs. This is more of a humorous piece, as it doesn’t serve any useful purpose other than to entertain. But it is still an effective piece of programming and is interesting. This piece is definitely one that makes you think differently what some technology can do to certain things.

One way I can apply the content of this gallery to my own work in DMA, and specifically my Interactive Design class, is thinking about digital art in a new and different way. This gallery showed me that there is many different ways at thinking about how things we use in everyday life that can be changed or reprogrammed to do interesting things. Specifically with his works Four Mice, Plus Plus, and Cellphone Telegraph, these show ways to use programming to create fun works of art that make people think about the things they use more.


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