Color Cannon; Interactive Design


This project was part of the student Mat Jam. For our group’s we created a program in processing where 4 mats would splatter colors on a white canvas. The 5th mat would reset the screen to a blank canvas. My role in this project was helping create the color code and making 4 keys splatter a color when pressed.

Code I helped make:

PImage img; void setup(){

background(255); size(800,600);

img = loadImage(“frame9.png”);



void draw(){

if (keyPressed) {

if (key == ‘q’ || key == ‘Q’){





if (keyPressed) {

if (key == ‘w’ || key == ‘W’){





if (keyPressed) {

if (key == ‘e’ || key == ‘E’){





if (keyPressed) {

if (key == ‘r’ || key == ‘R’){





if (keyPressed){

if (key == BACKSPACE) {

background(255); }




Overall I say, in regards to interactive design, our piece was fairly effective. It is quite engaging as a piece since the person interacting is creating everything on the screen.

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