Art History II; Gallery Write-Up 1

On April 23rd, 2016, I went to the Fosdick Nelson Gallery at Alfred University to see the gallery exhibition of “Decreation”. This was part of their senior thesis exhibitions.

This gallery was created and put on by Colleen Marie and Erin Ethridge. With their work they wanted to show the relationship of collaboration through the works in the exhibition. Some of their works where this was prominently used include Tuning System, Nympha, and A collection of objects passed between the left and right hand. Tuning System was some wood and strings to make what looks like a larger top part of a guitar where you adjust the strings. Nympha was a plaster mold that looks like cloth bundled up next to a bucket of plaster water on a slate slabs. A collection of objects passed between the left and right hand was a video projection of what the title says; a close up of a left and right hand passing different objects between each other.

I think this gallery and its work were mostly effective. The works that I focused on were, I think, the strongest in what the artists intended with this exhibition. They all gave the idea that they both had to have a hand in helping create them, and for the video one, that can be taken literally. For the video projection, it was a continuous video that looped of these two hands handing objects to each other. This seemed so help “show” that all the other works in the gallery were the goals and result of the artists’ collaboration. Like how there were two hands, they both had a hand in helping the works come to life.

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