Art History II; Gallery Write-Up 2

This gallery that I went to was just outside the Fosdick Nelson Gallery on May 8th, 2016.

The exhibition was one of the senior BFA Thesis Exhibitions being shown at Alfred University. The specific one I went to was called Prespection, created by Ryan Bane. The main idea for this exhibition was to put the viewer in the eyes and experience of livestock and cattle. Also used design ideas from a slaughterhouse as one of the main forms of interaction from the audience. His ideas came from his love of livestock and research of the livestock chute and Temple Grandin. The design of the gallery was that of the livestock chute used to herd cattle. Also in this exhibition he painted 2D images of animal meat and hung them like a slaughterhouse.

I think this exhibition was pretty effective in what the artist was trying to achieve with it. This was achieved through the effective design of the gallery space and the placement of the works in it. At the gallery, there was a handout that showed the design of the livestock chute created by Temple Grandin, which is basically design like a few curves that led the cows through into sorting pens. The way the gallery was designed was exactly like this. Instead of having it be designed in a modern white walled room, he chose the curvy, black-walled nature of this livestock chute. People that wanted to see his digital prints inside would have to herd through this structure like animals almost. These prints then are very close to the viewer, just as how he took the pictures of the cattle.

The reason I feel this work is very effective is that while walking through this I definitely felt many of the feelings he wanted people to have. Walking through there and seeing his digital prints so close, almost made me feel uncomfortably claustrophobic, especially since the prints were of cattle. This is probably how these animals felt while going through these things. Also with the pieces hanging out in the front of this chute, that added to the uneasy feeling evoked from this exhibition. Seeing those when you come out of the chute after seeing the prints almost comes as an intentional shock, which I also felt.

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