Interaction Review 1

A game I could play forever: Just Cause 3

With this game I interact with it using a controller. I only use my hands to interact with the game by pushing buttons to make the character do what I want in the game. In this game you are given many tools that you can use to your disposal to play the game how you want. Some simple actions would be like getting out your wing suit while your in the air. This gives you a fun and fast way of traversal instead of just walking or running. Complex actions would be like getting in a car or another type of vehicle to use for destructive purposes along with other tools like your tethers. The reward involved is that you now have many ways to help you destroy things in more interesting ways how you want to.


A game that frustrates me: Bloodborne

I am interacting with this game via controller also. Also I only use my hands to control the character. In this game you are mostly supposed to defeat quite powerful enemies while you are a fair bit weaker. There are a few mechanics that make this game frustrating to me. One is how the game has a lock-on  feature. When you attack an enemy you are to use a button which will lock on the camera to it and you will sort of orbit the enemy until its defeated. Unfortunately this is better for single enemies only and bosses are the only enemies that are alone. Regular enemies are usually in bundles of 2 or more, so using this feature is hard to use while multiple enemies attack you. This combined with how easy it is to die creates a very frustrating gaming experience.

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