Senior Seminar Assignment

With the work I’ve been creating this far in my college career, I’ve been pursuing a lot of 3d work and many of the projects I’ve done have used 3d animation or modeling as the medium. As we saw in The Medium is the Message many times people won’t always pay attention to the medium of a story or an artwork, even when many times it is a key part of understanding the message, especially in more modern art. This can be said about maybe even artists themselves that we may not always choose the message for the medium they use or not fully utilize the medium in the message we’re making. Like many times I have been choosing 3d as the medium I use a lot as a way to get more experience using it more times than using it to help in the “message” of the piece. I think that in the future, especially next semester as I work on another senior project to think about the medium needed to help the message more, or choose a message that will be shown better through a 3d piece of some kind. Another thing about my work is sometimes I may have used stereotypes in creating a character or scenario. And in the past few weeks, the talks we’ve had about uses of stereotypes, even if not intentional, can still continue the spread of them, so I’d also like to see my future work probably not use stereotypes or flip them on their head so to speak.

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