Portfolio Analyses

Site 1: http://janjinda.com

This site is done quite well overall. The immediate aesthetic is noticeable as modern and uses minimal design. The focus first shown is on his work and what he does and not overwhelmed by site design. Immediately know where to go for what you want and is eye catching. Color scheme is darker colors with greys and blue. It is a focused color scheme that compliments and doesn’t detract from the work shown. Navigation is nice. I instantly know where to go to find his work, contact info, and page about himself. Simple yet effective. Some of work he’s done doesn’t go anywhere while most shows what it was and what he did for it. Header & footer is always consistent, keeps design together and you know its the same website. He uses an easy to read font and it compliments design of overall portfolio. The layout of the site and work is also consistent and when you go to each work individually its also consistent throughout and easy to understand. Uses this to separate areas on the front page and sections on pages.


Site 2: http://merijnhos.com

This site also uses a minimalist approach as well. Though nothing is really going on aside from white space. Doesn’t take away from work but also doesn’t add anything to it as the colors on the site are just white and thats it. Easy navigation as everything is right there, though there’s not much there to begin with, its just their work and a few other pages. The font is simple, though mostly a bit small and a bit claustrophobic. Also looks like a default font almost. Biography page throws a lot of info at you, a bit overwhelming. Layout is consistent and easy to navigate. Though its all just kinda put there at once. No separation or explanation. Just all their work put on the main page. But is evenly distributed.


Site 3: http://robertdbrown.com

This site has a simple modern design. A bit clustered in some areas but mostly on the front page. I don’t know if logo works with the website design. Site just uses simple white and uses the work to help give a sense of color scheme. Cool colors in works stand out. Generally easy to navigate, though farther down on main page can get a bit confusing and clustered, like main page has the about section in it. But otherwise is fairly straightforward on other pages. Font is simple and mostly easy to read. There are a few spots where the background picture slightly obstructs the words. Consistent layout is good, though images don’t interact or show interaction. White space helps separates areas and used in contrast with images as the headers.


Site 4: http://binhdanh.com

This site is a bit bland and dull, not really much to look at. It just shows what it needs to and thats it. Not much going on and just puts the basics on it. Colors are just brown. Makes me think of an archeology site or something else. A bit confusing as the menus are inconsistent and sometimes nonexistent when looking at some work. Typography is inconsistent, all over the place and not aligned nicely. A few fonts which makes the design overall feel inconsistent. The overall layout is very odd and inconsistent. Site mostly just uses the left side of screen and not utilizing entire page. Things don’t seem to have been placed specifically just wherever it was and the white space is not utilized well. Feels like the bare essentials.

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