Non Figurative Animation Moodboard

This is the moodboard to show the style, color palette and other ideas for my animation.




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Therapy Dogs Documentary

For our final project in Production I, we were tasked to make a documentary on whatever we chose. I chose to do mine on the therapy dogs that come into the library every finals week. I interviewed one of the dog handlers and used B-roll footage of her dog and the other dogs in the library and the students who came to pet them.

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Narrative Game

For our Final Project in Interactive Media, we were tasked to create a Narrative focused game. Four my group’s narrative we used 2 characters. One, a whale, wants to be able to fly. The only way to do that though, is to be drugged up. This forms the main gameplay, collect pills while flying as the whale in order to keep flying.


Not shown in this video is the other character, an elephant, who wants you to stop you from taking pills and notice him. He would fly around and keep you from getting pills.

My main focus was asset creation in this game, mainly character animation, but also helping with creating the story.





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For this project we were to make an android game with juiciness. My part was putting in the basic colors into the assets we had and help with UI design

Asset Examples:


UI Design:

UI Design.png

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Foley Project

In this project we were given an animation clip and tasked to make and record all our own sounds for it. First we made a sound breakdown of all sounds and how to make them.

Sound Breakdown:

Link to PDF


Finished Video With Sound:

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3D Still Life

For this project we had to model, texture, and light a realistic or stylized 3D still life in Maya then render it using the Arnold Renderer in Maya 2017. For my still life I chose to make my laptop, a game controller, and a pair of headphones.

Final Render:


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Production Coffee Video

Our Video:


For this group video project, we were tasked to make a short video about someone who wanted coffee but couldn’t get it. With this, we decided to make a video about 2 office workers who wanted coffee but end up fighting over the last packet. Making this video we used different lighting, camera, and sound techniques we learned in our class. In regards to lighting, we used 3 point lighting for many scenes to try and give the scenes a more 3 Dimensional look to them and to have the actors pop out more from the background. For the camera, in the beginning, we used a rack focus shot on a camera that had a manual focus ring on it. For sound we used some audio recorded from the cameras, but some other parts with specific sound effects like the Jenga or dart throwing had sounds added after the video was shot.



Other Group Video and Critique:


  • Quite a few interesting shots and transitions including the coffee mug to toilet transition and the ending scene.
  • Voiceover is interesting more near the end when it gets more complex, but otherwise is slightly distracting from the overall video.
  • The last shot is a bit too dark for the inside of the car. A few other shots where lighting could be increased



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Adobe Audition Practice

For this class assignment we edited in audio for this MTV ad using Adobe Audition sound effects.

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Asset Design Game

For this project we were given a basic game with primitives. We were then tasked to create a full game with complete asset design to replace the primitives for the player, enemies and other objects.

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Chess Piece Character Model

For this project we were put in groups to create a themed chess set. Our group decided on a Ninja/Samurai theme. I was to model the bishop for the set, which was an ninja archer.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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