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Color Cannon; Interactive Design

  This project was part of the student Mat Jam. For our group’s we created a program in processing where 4 mats would splatter colors on a white canvas. The 5th mat would reset the screen to a blank canvas. … Continue reading

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Processing Platformer

Video:   Code: Main Code: import java.awt.Rectangle; platforms platforms; player player; void setup(){ size(800,800); smooth(); frameRate(60); noStroke(); player = new player(); platforms = new platforms(); } boolean[] keys = new boolean[256]; void keyPressed() { keys[keyCode]=true; }; void keyReleased() { keys[keyCode]=false; … Continue reading

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Final Project Presentation

Powerpoint Presentation Link: Final Project Pitch  

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Visual Music Project

  Code: import processing.video.*; import blobDetection.*; import ddf.minim.*; import ddf.minim.analysis.*; Minim minim; AudioPlayer player; AudioInput input; AudioPlayer song; BeatDetect beat; Capture cam; BlobDetection theBlobDetection; PImage img; boolean newFrame=false; int i = 0; float eRadius; void setup() { size(1280,720,P3D); background(100,0,255); minim … Continue reading

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Painting Program and “Digital Landscape”

Painting Program Code: int width = 16; int height = 30; int Color = 0; color[] colors = { color(255,0,0), color(255,130,0), color(255,255,0), color(0,255,0), color(0,0,255), color(180,0,255), color(255,0,170), color(0) }; void setup(){ size (1080,720); smooth(); cursor(CROSS); background(255); } void draw(){ if (mousePressed … Continue reading

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Coding A Painting

Image: Code used to make image: void setup(){ size(500,800); } void draw(){ background(0); stroke(116); strokeWeight(1); fill(196,175,137); quad(125,320,334,263,505,522,251,545); //HAIR stroke(120); strokeWeight(20); line(56,197,144,130); line(207,125,148,129); line(210,127,268,215); line(137,150,50,231); line(131,168,76,233); line(117,203,89,247); line(257,194,335,325); line(217,151,293,299); line(210,168,294,358); line(225,206,244,350); line(140,179,98,283); line(137,216,102,329); line(144,262,118,328); line(149,181,142,323); line(168,209,159,340); line(168,221,184,347); line(183,205,206,337); //HEAD stroke(116); strokeWeight(1); … Continue reading

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